Labour Rate For Item Based


Rates are only indicative and approximate can be used for reference purposes.
Rates may vary as per site condition

Sr. No. Description Rate/Unit
1 a.Earth work Excavation for (Loose soil) Rs. 14.00/Cft.
b.Earth work Excavation for hard soil (Medium) Rs. 15.00/Cft
c.Earth work Excavation for hard soil (Heavy) Rs. 18.00/Cft
d. Footing Excavation (Loose, medium, heavy) Rs. 20.00/Cft
e.Below 100cm from ground level and extra % from above Rs. 20%
2 a. P.C.C below 10cm thick Rs. 40.00/Sft
b. P.C.C above 10cm thick Rs. 90.00/Cft
3 Random Rubble Masonry (Foundation) Rs. 25.00/Sft
4 Random Rubble Masonry (Basement) Rs. 35.00/Sft
5 Dry Rubble work (Dressed) Rs. …………../Cft
6 Earth Filling (Watering and compacting will be charged Extra) Rs. 7.00/Cft
7 Brick Leveling course 23cm Rs. 40.00/Rft
8 Brick work 23cm thick Rs. 40.00/Sft
9 Brick work 11cm and 7cm thick Rs. 28.00/Sft
10 Stair case Brick work step Rs. 350.00/Each
11 a.Hollow Block 20cm thick Rs. 30.00/Sft
b.Hollow Block 15cm thick Rs. 27.00/Sft
c.Hollow Block 10cm thick Rs. 25.00/Sft
12 a.Pile cap Including shuttering, steel work and concrete Rs. 250.00/Cft
b. R.C.C columns minimum 23cm×23cm Including Shuttering, steelwork and concrete Rs. 280.00/Cft
c. R.C.C beams above 15cm. ht. and minimum 23cm×23cm. Including shuttering, Steelwork and concrete Rs. 280.00/Cft
13 R.C.C Lintel (minimum 15cm × 23cm) Rs. 80.00/Rft
14 R.C.C Footing concrete Rs. 200.00/Cft
( a ) Footing Pedestal concrete Rs. 250.00/Cft
15 Vertical drop in shades (below 30cm ht.) Rs. 200.00/Cft
16 R.C.C for folding step (minimum 1m length) Rs. 2000.00/Each
17 R.C.C slab (above 10cm ht.) including shuttering Steel work and concrete Rs. 165.00/Cft
18 R.C.C slab including shuttering steel work and Concrete (below 10cm thick) Rs. 55.00/Sft
19 R.C.C. Retaining wall above 15cm. thick Rs. 280.00/Cft.
20 R.C.C. Retaining wall 15cm. thick Rs. 175.00/Sft
21 R.C.C. Retaining wall 10cm. thick Rs. 150.00/Sft
22 R.C.C drop slab and slope Rs. 200.00/Sft
23 Concealed Beam Rs. 75.00/Rft
24 Fixing of door & window frames Rs. 500.00/Each
25 Fixing of window frames (more than two leaves) Rs. 750.00/Each
26 Ventilator Rs. 300.00/Each
27 Fixing of door & window frames (after brick work) Rs. 700.00/Each
28 Fixing of window frames more than two leaves (After brick work) Rs. 1000.00/Each
29 Ventilator (after brick work) Rs. 400.00/Each
30 Scaffolding, Tying & Releasing (materials to be supplied client) Rs. 15%

Rate for painting work

Sr. No. Description Rate/Unit No. of Coat
1 Exterior Rs. 8/sq ft  
2 Interior putty Rs. 4/sq ft 2 coat
3 Emulsion Rs. 1.50 / Sq ft 1 coat (1.25)
4 Primer Rs. 1.50 /Sq ft 1 coat
5 Enamel for grill Rs. 12. / sq ft 1 Coat Primer / 2 Coat Enamel(one side measurement)
6 Enamel for doors Rs. 16/ sq ft 2 Cat Putty / 1 coat Primer/ 2 Coat Enamel
7 Polish MRF (rework) Rs. 65 / sq ft Old Work/ 1 coat Primer/ 2 Coat Enamel
8 Polish MRF (fresh work) Rs. 50 / sq ft New Work
9 Royale play Rs. 45/ sq ft  
10 Exterior emulsion Rs. 6 / sq ft 1 coat primer /2 coat emulsion

Plastering with Cement mortar

Sr. No. Description Rate/Unit
1 Wall Rs. 13.00/Sft
2 Ceiling Rs. 15.00/Sft
3 Plastering II coat (including lining) Rs. 15.00/Sft
4 Parapet wall over roof slab Rs. 17.00/Sft
5 Parapet wall over sunshade Rs. 20.00/Sft
6 Pillar and Beam Rs. 30.00/Sft
7 Water cutting Rs. 50.00/Rft
8 Making air holes Rs. 500.00/Each
9 Making grooves Rs. 15.00/Rft
10 Round column (minimum 23cm.) Rs. 200.00/Rft
11 Loft, Sunshade edge finishing Rs. 70.00/Rft
12 AC hole finishing Rs. 500.00/Each
13 Chicken mesh fixing Rs. 10.00/Sft
14 Roof top plastering Rs. 15.00/Sft
15 Roof top flashing Rs. 50.00/Rft
16 Flower trough finishing Rs. …………../Rft
17 Pressed edge sloping (below 30cm ht.) Rs. 75.00/Rft
18 Cover block making Rs. 00.75/Each
19 Arch finishing (small) Rs. 1000.00/Each
20 Arch finishing (big) Rs. 2000.00/Each
21 AC frame fixing Rs. 150.00/Each
22 Border above dry Rubble work Rs. 50.00/Rft
23 Rubble pointing Rs. 10.00/Sft
24 Arch mould making (medium) Rs. 1000.00/Each
25 Eave board finishing Rs. ………/Each