Construction Tips

Starting construction/ obtaining permit and completion certificate

  • A) Identification of land obtain Basic Tax Receipt(BTR) from village office
  • B) Document to be verified
  • 1) Original title deed
  • 2) Prior document(minimum 30 years)3) Land Tax Receipt(village office)
  • 4) Possession and Location certificate – Register office(30 years)
  • 5) Non – encumference certificate – Register office(30 years)
  • 6) Land survey to be done by Total station to ensure correctness of land for more details

Preparation of Plan

  • Building plan to be made in consultation with Architects Chartered Engineer
    Make sure that the plan will be made as per your requirement and finance available with you
    –for obtaining Building Permit from local body following are the procedure to be followed.
  • 1) Blue print – 3 copies contains plan, section elevation and other details signed by an architect / chartered engineer.
  • 2) Completed application from Local body.
  • 3) Copy of deed Tile, Land purchase receipt
  • Original to be produced while submitting the plan
    If your original deed is in the bank, take a copy and get certified from the bank
    Time for getting sanction is 30 days as per Rule Refer KMBR. After 30 days file an application to council Refer Rule KMBR. After another 30 days you have deemed permit. You can start construction after giving a written notice to corporation. Please note you should satisfy all the building Rules while constructing your building.
    Get electricity and water connection for construction before you start construction. Before you dig a bore well take permission from ground water department.
    A temporary connection to be taken from KWA if required.
    Electricity Temporary connection can be obtained from KSEB. Water tank and pipes available in the market are Link

Finance the Project

  • Prepare an estimate with help of an architect or chartered engineer maximum 80% of the estimate will be funded by the bank depending up on your repayment capacity.
  • List of Financial institution – Web site: HDFC, SBT, Indian bank, ICICI, SIB, South Indian Bank, federal bank

Steps after construction

  • 1) Apply for house No from local body rule(KMBR)
  • 2) If local body does not issue within 15 days give letter of occupation to local body Rule KMBR—.

Getting KSEB Connection

  • Convert your non – domestic to domestic connection you need not require a house number for obtaining a domestic connection

Water Connection

  • After obtaining House No from local body Apply for water connection from KWA obtain drainage connection if required.

KMBR Rules (Building Rules)

  • For a residential building frontage 3m back side 2m one side 1m and other side 1.2m. For more details refer