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Builders' Association of India-Trivandrum

Builder’s Association of India (BAI) was formed in 1941 in Pune with guidance from Brigadier Jackson, who also allotted office space in the Military Compound. The then office of BAI, aptly named `Jackson Hut’ in his memory, is still being used by BAI. Bai started Overseas Construction Council of India (OCCI).

Builders’ Association of India (BAI) was formed in 1941 in Pune under the guidance of Brigadier Jackson. Ever since its inception, BAI movement has grown to more than 200 Centres spread over the length and breadth of the Country, with its headquarters at Mumbai. With a direct membership of more than 15,000 Builders, Contractors, Traders, Consultants and Industrialists, BAI by virtue of its size is the only true spokesman for the Construction Industry in India. Builders Association of India has 16 centres in Kerala State. The Kerala Centre in Trivandrum was formed in 1981 and is the oldest centre in Kerala. Er.P.Ratnaswamy, fondly known as PRS , was the founder Chairman of the Kerala Centre of the Association. Ever since its inception the centre has been functioning for the betterment of the construction industry in our state.

Who we are

With a direct membership of 10,000 contractors and indirect membership of 30,000 through various regional Association

Our Vision

To promote and foster feelings of brotherhood, unity, co-operation, mutual trust, and to eliminate unhealthy competition

BAI members consists of experts from various business domains pertaining to building construction. 

This will support builders with rates for Reference including Materials though there can be slight fluctuations.

International Federations of Asian & Western Pacific Contractor’s Associations (IFAWPCA) with headquarters at Manila, Philippines

Expert service providers from all construction domains.

Builders’ Association always strive to offer better services to construction aspirants. We ensure that all our service providers are of highest quality and ensure optimum quality services always.

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